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Kiosk top-up machines are self-service machines that accept payments for top-up purposes. Top-up means replenishing a supply to get it to a certain amount like one would with electronic wallets (e-wallets) or mobile load. 

The kiosk is equipped with touchscreen and payment devices. The hardware is configured to accept and process top-up through a software application. This program is configurable to the needs of the business or establishment. That includes the kiosk skin for a more on-brand top-up solution.

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Top-up is a core function of our kiosks—our built for service machines. Apart from its user-friendly interface with an intuitive dashboard and strategic placement of cash and card acceptor and dispenser, top-up terminals are easy to operate wherever they may be deployed. 

Most importantly, they effectively reduce queue time during peak times and can operate unattended 24/7. So it extends the service function of the business even when the cashiers are tackling a long line of customers or when staff availability is generally limited. 

The top-up task is sped up and conveniently and securely. With a kiosk, convenience, speed, and security increase efficiency at the establishment level. After all, virtually all businesses want to streamline the process for their customers and their people.

But there’s more—these are the things that make our top-up kiosks and other bill payment machines stand out.

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Modular and compact

  • High safety performance

  • Extensive service life

  • Customized design

  • Easily maintained

  • Plug and play

eTap ensures that the top-up kiosks are working most of the time while minimizing downtimes. It is a worthy investment that does more for less as it takes the pressure off from an already limited staff during busier times.

Why your business needs kiosk solutions

Self-service kiosk solutions are slowly gaining ground in the Philippines. These are changing the competitive landscape by making services easily accessible among the average Filipinos, including the underbanked and unbanked. 

If your business provides for your target customers’ top-up needs, you need a kiosk to make the process easier and more convenient for them—and you. Other than this, a kiosk top-up terminal is more than necessary if you want to:

Save customer time

Why let your customers wait in a long line until their turn if you can install a top-up kiosk instead? A kiosk can help speed up top-up transactions dramatically while saving your customers the time that they can otherwise use more productively doing other more important tasks. So having a kiosk on the premises is a win-win situation, providing the business even more income opportunities.

Increase customer satisfaction

Not letting customers stand in line waiting for the cashier or staff to serve them, processing their top-up transactions says a lot about your brand values. This empowers the customers and gives them a better payment experience, increasing satisfaction and cultivating loyalty in the process.

Improve operational efficiency

The accessibility of top-up kiosks to all customers minimizes the need to anchor the staff on the point of sale all the time. As such, they are allowed to attend to the needs of other customers. The process alone contributes to more efficient management of customer flow while also speeding up other core tasks. This leads to better operational efficiencies.

Generate income continuously

Since kiosks can be operational 24/7, it allows the business to develop new income streams. The staff may focus on driving new sales and spending less time on routinary transactions that the customers can do themselves. Another thing, even when there is no staff around, like in the morning or beyond the operating hours, the kiosk still operates.

The fact that a top-up kiosk is an essential feature of any modern business cannot be emphasized enough. Deploying a kiosk on your premises, whether indoor or outdoor, brings many benefits to your operation.

Application sectors for top-up kiosks 

Sectors and industries are leveraging the digital transformation by putting up self-service kiosks in various parts of the country. Top-up kiosks are used in multiple sectors including

  • Banks and other financial institutions

  • Utilities

  • Supermarkets, groceries, and department stores

  • Real estate

  • Transportation

  • Hospitals and other medical treatment facilities

  • Hotels 

  • Education

  • Telcos and other Internet service providers 

  • Gaming

Furthermore, eTap’s top-up kiosks accept multiple payment modes such as cash, cards (debit and credit), and check.

eTap has in-house creatives and technicals that can design and build a kiosk top-up for your business. We respond to needs quickly and efficiently.

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