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Self-service payment is increasing in popularity. Many a reason for the growth in demand, including the efficiency and convenience of its use and the accessibility of the machines 24/7.

More and more Filipinos realize the value of doing payment transactions in a contactless, self-service manner. Modern consumers want transactions quick and probably with limited interactions as possible.

Today, options abound, including in-premise and standalone terminal payment machines. And eTAP is your trusted partner in providing self-service payment solutions to your customers.

What is a terminal payment machine?

A terminal payment machine is a compact kiosk that processes payment transactions using various modes of payment like cash, card, e-wallet, vouchers, and checks. Payment terminals usually have money acceptors and built-in readers.

The machines intend to simplify payment acceptance and processing. These are integrated with a software application configurable to suit various business needs.

Wireless vs. kiosk-type terminals

A payment terminal may use a wireless pin pad or a kiosk-type machine. For the first type, it can be taken to where the customers are within the premises. That’s why retail environments such as restaurants prefer this type of terminal. 

For actual machines, they should be tightly secured in one place. These are usually found in temperamental environments wherein both the machine and the users must be kept safe and secure.

Attended vs. self-service terminals

Payment terminals can be attended or unattended (self-service). In the former, a sales representative assists the customer in activating the payment transaction. The latter does not require the presence of the representative wherein the consumer himself activates and completes the payment. 

These terminal payment machines are typically found in retail environments such as supermarkets, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, and establishments where payment for goods and services are expected.

The concept behind payment terminal machines is straightforward. The machines’ functions and features vary depending on the nature of the business and for whatever purpose they may serve.

Self-service payment solutions are the way to go. It leverages people’s time with the broadest coverage of payment acceptations. It’s like doing more with less!

However, to maximize its utilization value, the terminal payment machine must be placed in locations where the consumers need not seek these payment terminals. The most strategic places are areas with high foot traffic.

How does a terminal payment machine work?

A payment terminal works because of its hardware and software that seamlessly integrated to accept payments. A system integrator makes payment processing possible along with the payment method support (acceptor, reader, scanner, etc.). All of these elements make a finished solution.

Focusing on the payment system that these terminals utilize, it is unique to the business using it. Some applications are developed from scratch, while others are built using a software development kit (SDK). SDKs enable the customization of machine processes.

Also called the reverse automated teller machine (ATM), the most critical elements are storage security, data security, and real-time processing.

Key features of terminal payment machines

Payment terminals can be considered smart machines—built with all the right features. The most important of which is ensuring the completion of a transaction within a highly secured payment environment.



Touch screen with an intuitive interface

Bill acceptor

Cash box (up to 3,000 pcs capacity)

Thermal printer

Card dispenser

Code scanner (QR and bar)

RFID reader

Ergonomic gesture

eTAP specifically designed the terminal payment machines with the users in mind. We want our machines as user-friendly as possible—easily navigable. This is the only way to let the users control the entire payment experience.

As a manufacturer of the payment terminals and developer of the payment system, we understand the need to make the machines up and running immediately. We can deploy the machines to your place as quickly as you’d expect. 

If you already have a payment terminal that needs updating, eTAP has highly integrative payment applications. Our system is API-ready. 

Our machines have plug-and-play capabilities. An Internet source is all you need to begin processing payments 24/7. So whenever a customer needs it, the machine is there, ready to fulfill its purpose.

Benefits of using terminal payment machines

When given an option, consumers would definitely prefer self-service terminals over contact-based transactions. The reason for which are the immense benefits of using these machines. Users may pay whatever they need to at the time most convenient for them and with their chosen payment method.

Nonetheless, the establishments deploying terminal machines also reap tremendous benefits. The business may utilize self-service payment terminals to extend its reach and scale the core services.





Transaction efficiency

Installing payment terminals on the premises helps in achieving business goals. This self-service payment solution allows the business to enable secure payment acceptance using various modes of payment. Because the machines are self-service, their use allows the firm to save on headcount while redirecting staff productivity to core business functions.

Robust and scalable

Highly customizable to the business’s transaction needs, the payment system can be easily integrated with the machine. The simplicity of integration allows immediate use of the machine with practically minimal downtime. New features can be added, depending on the future needs of the business and its customers.

Enhanced customer experience

With streamlined self-service processes comes the ultimate reliability, on the one hand, and improved payment experience for the users. Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and empowered to navigate intuitive dashboards. With this, the consumers can simply walk up to the terminal, fulfill the transaction, and walk away upon its completion.

New business opportunities

Depending on where the terminal is located, the customers can make payments 24/7. It means placing a machine where the customers may access them beyond the traditional location and working hours provide users with round-the-clock access. This encourages customers to use it anytime they need it.

Our payment machine solutions do not stop at deployment. We strive hard to provide support for future use in terms of both machine manufacturing and application development. eTAP ensures that the processes are compliant with the necessary standards.

What makes eTAP’s payment terminal solutions unique

It’s not surprising that more and more businesses are investing in self-service solutions. The payment ecosystem in the Philippines is growing at full speed. The goal is clear: meet—and even exceed—customer expectations. Not all self-service payment solutions are created equal, though.

Our payment machines are specially designed to provide the ultimate convenience to the users. Transactions will be safe, secure, real-time, and with a user-friendly interface. Most importantly, uptime is our priority. We don’t mean to waste your time; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of these self-service solutions.

Operational Efficiency

  • 300% transaction turnover than OTC transactions

  • Real-time transaction processing

  • Highly secured transactions

Cost Savings

  • Space rental savings

  • Overhead expenses savings

  • Other administrative savings

Ultimate Convenience

  • Fast, safe, and secure transactions

  • No need to stand in long queues

  • 24/7 Availability

Industries that we serve

Payment terminals are designed to process transactions across various industries. 

  • Retail

  • Transportation 

  • Hospitality 

  • Restaurants

  • Banks and financial institutions

  • Medical and health services

  • Government 

  • Education 

  • Gaming and lottery

  • Micro markets



Regardless of the industry you operate in, eTAP can build the terminal payment machine you need. We can build a payment solution that is reliable, convenient, and secure. Give us a call today!

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